Darigold RE:FUEL FAQs

Because all exercise is fueled by carbohydrates, individuals who are active, who exercise or who participate in individual or team sports, benefit from eating properly (fueling) and recovering well to have the energy and good health to sustain physical activities. Nutrition and good recovery, along with adequate hydration, affect not only how much energy you have, but also how effective training and performance is. Carbohydrates are stored in the liver and muscle as glycogen and these stores are the primary fuel for exercise. During exercise these glycogen stores are depleted and the only way to replenish them is through food and fluids.

Recovery is a term that refers to the nutrition your body needs to Darigold RE:FUEL and replenish these stores. Recovery is helping the muscles recover from exercise in two important ways. First, replenishing the carbohydrates used up during exercise and secondly, to repair and rebuild damaged muscle tissue. Consuming enough carbohydrates and protein to accomplish both these tasks is important to prepare your muscles for the next workout or training session and to be able to perform your best. Recovery can take up to 24 hours after exercise has ended. For athletes, good recovery is essential to delay fatigue, maximize training and enhance performance.

Many studies have shown that a 3-to-1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein is optimal for fast and effective muscle recovery. Muscles need more than water or just a commercial sport drink to recover fully from intense workouts, training and exercise. Muscles need both carbohydrates and a smaller amount of protein to recover. This ratio supplies the right amount of carbohydrate to begin restoring the glycogen in muscles and protein to repair and rebuild muscle tissue. Muscles need more carbohydrates than protein for recovery’three times as many.

Darigold RE:FUEL combines carbohydrates and protein in this optimal 3-to-1 ratio for maximum muscle recovery.

Darigold RE:FUEL protein milk has only a few ingredients and absolutely no artificial anything. That’s right. No artificial flavors, colors, or sugar substitutes or ingredients like oils that aren’t naturally found in milk. No water or filler ingredients to dilute the rich flavor of real milk. Check out the short ingredient list of Darigold RE:FUEL protein milk.

Its fresh, delicious taste comes from simple ingredients like those found in your pantry at home. It’s just table sugar and cocoa, along with real milk from real cows.

Darigold RE:FUEL has the same basic nutrient profile as chocolate milk except for a vitamin and mineral boost that gives a little extra nutrition punch for active people, as well as athletes, who might need or want a little more.

Independent research studies have clearly established that a 3-to-1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein is the best combination of nutrients to speed muscle recovery immediately after exercise. Within 30 minutes after exercise is when muscles are most receptive to receiving and storing carbohydrates for energy. This is referred to as the “glycogen window”. Muscle Milk does not contain enough carbohydrates to maximally refuel muscles during the “glycogen window”. Muscle Milk® contains a 1-to-2 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, which is not the recommended ratio for optimal muscle recovery—not enough carbohydrates to restore glycogen and excessive protein.

Darigold RE:FUEL protein milk is a great recovery drink for anyone and especially for those people who may have trouble digesting and absorbing lactose. Lactose-free milk, like Darigold RE:FUEL protein milk, is real milk just without the lactose. Darigold RE:FUEL protein milk is a perfect choice for individuals who don’t tolerate lactose, but still want to enjoy the taste of milk.

Darigold RE:FUEL meets all the NCAA criteria set for foods that are appropriate for NCAA athletes. Protein is less than 30% of total calories and it’s real milk with real nutrition not a supplement. Training tables, collegiate athletic departments, or other training facilities would benefit from providing Darigold RE:FUEL for their athletes and teams.

Darigold RE:FUEL contains a little added zinc and magnesium not found in milk because these two minerals play a vital role for athletes in injury recovery, energy metabolism, muscle building and would healing. Zinc helps keep your immune system strong. Magnesium is essential for energy metabolism (converting food to energy muscles can use) and it also helps keep bones, nerve and muscle cells healthy. One study has reported that when these minerals are low in an athlete’s diet, muscular strength, endurance and overall performance may suffer.

B vitamins help to convert the energy in foods we eat (carbohydrates, protein and fat) to energy our muscles can use.

Darigold RE:FUEL, like regular milk, is a good source of potassium and sodium. Both of these minerals (electrolytes) are important for good health. Potassium is a mineral involved in fluid balance, nerve impulse transmission and muscle contraction. Sodium is also involved in fluid balance and maintains blood volume, a key factor in athletic performance. Darigold RE:FUEL provides these critical electrolytes that are often lost in sweat in high amounts—especially sodium. Athletes can help replace the sodium lost in sweat with dairy products, like Darigold RE:FUEL.

Darigold RE:FUEL rehydrates muscles better and faster than water because of its carbohydrate and sodium content. Milk is 90% water so it provides hydration and, because of the sodium and potassium content, it is a great replacement fluid for sweat losses, too. Hydration is an important part of recovery. Darigold RE:FUEL provides recovery and rehydration equally well in one recovery drink.

Darigold RE:FUEL contains the same whey protein as regular chocolate milk. Whey protein is a high quality protein that contains all the essential amino acids your body needs to repair and rebuild muscle tissue. It’s also very easy to digest. The protein in Darigold RE:FUEL has been found to actually prevent further muscle breakdown from exercise, if given immediately after exercise.

Scientific studies measuring how much protein is actually taken up and used to rebuild muscles, even after intense strength training, show that only a small amount is needed—contrary to what one might think. Research estimates show only 15-20 grams of protein are needed immediately after exercise to begin the repairing and rebuilding of muscles. More protein is not better and will not create more muscle strength, size or definition.

Darigold RE:FUEL protein milk provides the exact amount of protein needed to begin the recovery phase of rebuilding and repairing muscle.

The cocoa used in Darigold RE:FUEL adds less than 6 mg. of caffeine per 8 oz serving.

Low fat milk contains naturally occurring sugars as well as nutrients needed for growth and good health like carbohydrates, protein and a small amount of fat. It’s also a good source of essential vitamins and minerals like calcium and vitamins A and D, making it a nutrient rich drink choice for children of all ages.

Darigold RE:FUEL contains some added sugars, in addition to the naturally occurring ones, to flavor the milk and provide more carbohydrates for better recovery. Darigold RE:FUEL contains only 2 1/2 teaspoons of added sugar or 17 grams, in an 8 oz. serving. This small amount of sugar adds about 38 additional calories. Since sugar is what fuels muscles, all the sugars in Darigold RE:FUEL work together to optimize muscle recovery—just what every athlete, no matter what the age, needs and wants!

Darigold RE:FUEL is a great tasting recovery drink for kids that they will enjoy drinking. Kids and teens involved in strenuous exercise, strength workouts at the gym, or practices and games for team or individual sports, will benefit from drinking Darigold RE:FUEL for good recovery. Recovery helps athletes of all ages have the energy to train well, delay fatigue and perform their best.

The type of carbohydrate you consume after exercise does affect how much and how quickly you can replenish muscle glycogen stores. All carbohydrates are broken down to sugars that muscles can use readily for fuel.

Studies have shown that sucrose and glucose are preferred over fructose for maximal glycogen replenishment; fructose is not as effective.

Darigold RE:FUEL uses table sugar (sucrose) to promote the greatest amount of muscle glycogen replenishment for muscle recovery. Sugar is what muscles use for real recovery.